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"I've known that I wanted to sing since I was 2 years-old and I haven't stopped since," admits Lindsey Ridener, a nineteen year-old artist from Indiana. Her audiences have not stopped listening either. Lindsey has charmed crowds from private parties to ballparks with her deep blues voice and compassionate, country / pop style. "My high school friends wanted to do cheerleading and track," Lindsey says with a classic homegrown smile. "I just wanted to sing in the choir and do all the solos."

Lindsey's love for music is clearly evident in this effortless showcase of her vocal talent her first professionally produced studio recording. With the guiding hearts and minds of producers Michael Clark and Alan Johnson, Lindsey has captured the essence of a rousing, inspired hit bound sound. She can tantalize and then rock the house with the country spirited tracks, "High Powered Love" and "Lincoln Avenue", then bring your heart to it's knees with the soulful "I'd Give It Up For You".

"I've always dreamed of doing this kind of production," Lindsey admits, "and I don't care if one person or one thousand hears it, as long as I touch just one soul with my voice, I'll be happy." Let Lindsey's voice touch you and you will hear why she's never stopped singing ...

... and why no one wants her to.